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As Brexit uncertainty is set to continue well into 2020 and beyond, the world of recruitment – like so many others – is shrouded in unpredictability as the New Year beckons. 

There are some emerging and continuing trends we can identify though as the first year of the ‘Roaring ‘20s’ gets underway.

UK employment levels remain high – at over 76% – meaning jobs aplenty are out there. This has contributed to a growing optimism and confidence in the recruitment sector but also brings fresh challenges.

Increasingly, the UK employment market is a candidate-driven one with effective sourcing and engagement strategies being the key to attracting talent.

With unemployment falling for the sixth year in a row during 2019, and with the probable arrival of fewer candidates from the EU, the shift in 2020 may be to one of employee retention as much as effective recruitment.

Away from the Brexit-effect though, there are several other notable strands taking shape driving the direction of the recruitment industry with digital innovation, refined analytics and a focus on convincing candidates to become employees increasingly emerging to the fore.


Digital innovation transforming the recruitment landscape

Recent years have seen a boom in new apps and platforms changing the way vacancies are advertised, responded to and applied for.

LinkedIn pushed things a little further when the business networking site ventured into the recruitment market and innovative recruitment solutions continue to emerge.

A new generation of HR automated software packages are emerging which include recruitment marketing tools and applicant tracking software.

Such solutions help recruiters attract, engage and convert prospective candidates into actual applicants and an increasing number of firms are using AI to source and screen candidates.

Automating elements of the recruitment process in such a way helps streamline and simplify aspects which previously had relied on manual administrative tasks by a human being.


Diagnostic and Predictive People Analytics

Until now, HR teams have tended to utilise analytics to give them a picture of what is happening without any further analysis to inform strategic questions about why it is happening.

Identifying the metrics that matter and developing strategies to improve them is increasingly crucial in order to model and predict future trends.

A holistic view of candidate engagement, workforce planning, skill gap analysis and retention rates is required to inform recruitment strategies with confidence in the data being captured and the conclusions being drawn.


A Candidate Driven Market

As mentioned before, today’s applicant holds far greater power than in years gone by. Gone is the notion that the recruiter has the upper hand in cherry-picking talent.

Sourcing candidates with in-demand skills and experience is time-consuming and challenging, not to mention costly.

A compelling employer brand is essential to attracting the best applicants. A great website, engaging social media content and endorsements and positive reviews of your organisation as a place to work are essential to promoting the workplace on offer as being one at which the best would like to work.

Treating job-seekers as customers rather than a queue of folks needing employment must be reflected in your hiring practices.


Soft skills to the fore

The fundamental goal of successful recruitment remains unchanged – attracting the best people to do the job.

But the ‘best people’ must increasingly possess the soft skills to truly transform them into effective employees. The need for social and emotional skills has become paramount in today’s world of rapidly developing technology and seismic economic shifts.

Advanced communication skills, empathy, creativity, innovation, relationship building, reasoning and team working attributes are ever-more important in today’s workplace.

Recruitment is shifting from focusing on a candidate’s experience to do the job towards the person as a whole and what they will bring to an organisation and its culture. Flexible, agile staff are essential in a world where traditional roles are quickly and inevitably being reshaped.


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