Virtual Interviews

A&D Recruitment now provides clients and candidates with Hinterview, a market-leading video recruitment platform that allows face-to-face interviews to take place virtually.


Hinterview represents a tremendous step forward in recruitment tools for the digital age. No longer constrained by social distancing measures or geographical constraints, our clients and candidates can benefit from an online experience that’s as close as possible to an in-person interview.

In contrast to a telephone interview, for which multiple diaries often have to be extensively co-ordinated, Hinterview overcomes this barrier by giving clients a clearer picture of whether a candidate is the right fit for their business.

Clients can set pre-determined interview questions for candidates to answer as real-time responses, creating a simulated interview setting which helps to give clients the early-stage candidate insight they need to make informed decisions.

These video responses are saved and emailed to clients as a link, along with the candidates’ CV and interview notes. This link can then be easily and securely shared amongst key decisionmakers to make comments and outline next steps for A&D Recruitment to progress.

Clients can also choose to receive a recorded elevator pitch from speculative candidates who may be of interest, from amongst A&D’s extensive and experienced database.

Hinterview also offers a number of benefits to candidates. They can personally present themselves to a range of potential employers, both as an elevator pitch and as an interview response to direct questions.

For clients and candidates alike, this approach enables us to reduce recruitment time and significantly speed up the interview process for all parties.

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