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Our Process

It’s often said that changing your job is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. The right job will enthuse and inspire you, maximising your strengths and help you live a happy and fulfilling life.

A&D Recruitment provide roles in Building Services and the Renewable Energy sector, on a National basis and also local office jobs. We take pride in working with candidates at an individual level, armed with the facts about what is important to you both personally and professionally we aim to find you a long term new role. 

To ensure we match you to the right job role / company we follow the below process:

  1. Consultation
    We endeavour to meet all our Candidates, who are invited to register, either face to face or via a Skype meeting.  This will enable us to fully understand your achievements, your personality, what you are looking for in your next role and your future ambitions.
  2. Position Matching
    Once we understand more about your background and what your career goals are, we can begin to present career opportunities to you.  It’s not a problem if you are not ready to make a career change now. We would like to start a dialogue with you regardless. We are in regular contact with hiring managers which allows us to keep you informed of market trends and new career opportunities as they arise.
  3. Introduction to Clients
    After we have identified positions you are interested in applying for, we will introduce you to our clients. We will always gain your permission before submitting your details to any of our clients.  Our introductions are managed discreetly and confidentially so your privacy is not compromised.
  4. Interviews
    We will coordinate all interviews with the companies we introduce you to and give you guidance to improve your chances of a successful interview.  This will include; full job specifications and company information, details of the interview process, including the amount of interviews you will need to attend and the background of the people you will be meeting, educate you on the expectations for the position and provide interview feedback.
  5. Job Offers
    Once you are offered a position, we help you negotiate the most favourable terms and conditions. We can help negotiate on your behalf on important aspects of the offer.
  6. Resignation
    Once you have accepted a job offer we will keep in touch with you to ensure you are happy and there are no issues.   We will also advise and support you on how to manage a counter-offer from your current employer and help you prepare a resignation letter.