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Building a great team is critical to your company’s success – and therefore, so is the recruitment partner you choose. 

When you’re running a business, there are a million tasks you could, should or are doing every day, and there is always something extra on top.

Building a great team to help share the load is key to growing your company and ensuring its success, and that’s where a recruitment company comes in.

By choosing a recruitment company who has experience in your industry, you can make sure you only spend your valuable time on the best candidates for your role.

They can help you with everything from writing the job description to putting together a shortlist of the best candidates to on-boarding new hires into your business.

Here are some reasons why a recruitment agency could be great for your business, and what to look out for when you’re seeking your perfect recruitment partner. 

Do they have specialist knowledge?

Recruitment is a huge industry and it’s there for a reason. Hiring staff is a complicated and specialised process and finding the right person isn’t as easy as it sometimes might seem.

Recruiters know how to attract the right kind of candidates, where they are looking for jobs and how to let them know about your role.

They will also be aware of specific factors that are relevant to recruiting in your industry and have experience within the area.

Your recruitment agency will also be more aware of trends in recruitment, what candidates are available and how to attract them to you and your company.

Will they save you time?

Finding new team members can be a long process, from writing job descriptions, to choosing where to post it, to scheduling interviews to analysing candidates.

All of these tasks can be time consuming and when you’ve got a growing business, time can often be in short supply.

Posting on a general job board can result in hundreds of responses, many of them unqualified or inexperienced for the role.

If you’ve tried hiring yourself before, you’re probably aware of how many unsuitable applications you will receive, and a recruitment agency will look at those first and disregard them so you don’t have to look through every one.

It’s a cliché, but in business, time is money and a recruitment agency can save you a lot of time!

What kind of candidates can they offer?

Using a specialist recruitment agency allows you to access some truly exceptional candidates in your sector, who are dedicated to working in your industry.

Recruiters will know people in the field who may be interested and their contacts can be essential in finding a really great new team member.

If you choose to use a recruitment agency that specialises in your field, they will be able to know what factors make a new hire really great, and notice stand out qualities that could make them perfect for your role.

What other value can they bring?

Using a recruitment company that’s from outside your business can be a great way to get fresh perspective and a different insight into your hiring process.

Having an outside source who is experienced in recruiting in your area means they can focus on what’s really important to your company and make sure your new employee fits into your ethos.

A good recruitment agency will spend time consulting with you to understand your business and what you are looking for in your new candidate. Choosing a new team member can be really hard, especially if there are two or three candidates you can’t decide between.

Having an expert on hand to take a look at the situation with you and help in the decision making process can be vital in selecting the right person. They can also help with advice on negotiating salaries, benefits and other factors that can be hard to pin down. 

The very best businesses have the best teams and the best people, and outsourcing your recruitment may be the perfect way to invest in the long term future of your business.

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