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For any business in the renewable energy or building services sectors, maintaining a loyal workforce is key. So how do you do it?

Building up a team of people who stay with you for the long term will be a great help in making your organisation successful.

This is why so many businesses now focus on staff retention. Taking steps to manage your staff retention rates and finding ways to boost them is certainly worthwhile. 

But what does looking after staff retention rates do for your company specifically?

Helps to build a strong business

One great advantage of hanging onto key members of staff is the stability it gives to your business.

While some turnover is inevitable, making sure that your business is founded on a strong base of experienced employees is vital.

It will certainly go down well with customers who prize being able to build up relationships with staff members they know over time.

It will also mean that the staff you have are more invested in your company succeeding due to putting so much of their own effort into it. 

Great for building morale 

If you have ever worked somewhere that sees people come and go regularly then you will know how unsettling it can be.

Not only does it make proper teamwork very hard, but it is also bad for general morale as well.

Making sure that you retain staff, on the other hand, is superb for promoting effective teamwork and generating a positive atmosphere.

A business who retains their staff will also find it easier to attract new recruits as the business will look more attractive to potential candidates.

Skilled team of workers

Another top reason to focus on staff retention is the opportunity it offers to develop a skilled workforce. When staff are with you for the long haul, you can invest in their training and development.

This, in turn, sees them able to deliver a better service to clients and gain more experience in how your particular business operates.

Skilled staff are already a precious commodity so being able to develop and retain your own is essential.

Staff retention is cost effective

The general estimates show that it costs two times a staff member’s salary to replace them after they go. This stat alone shows how costly high staff turnover could be and what staff retention can save you.

By taking steps to retain your employees, you will save lots of time and money on replacing them. This can then be used to help your business grow instead.

Retaining staff also avoids any gaps in productivity that could arise as you search for and train up a new person. 

Helps to secure your company’s future 

The gas engineers and electricians of today are the company CEO’s of tomorrow. By retaining staff, you can help them progress up the career ladder over the years.

This eventually sees people who know how your business works and care about it move into the top positions.

This flow of experienced talent into your senior management team is what will keep you in business for many years to come. 

Let A & D Recruitment help 

If you are looking for skilled workers to make a key part of your team for the long term, let us help.

Specialists in the Energy and Building Services sector, we can help you find staff to give you many years of effective service to your business.

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Founded by recruitment experts Alessia and Darren Williams, A&D Recruitment has successfully placed candidates in a diverse range of roles over the last 13 years.  

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