Do You Want To Work In The Renewable Energy Field?

It is said that a huge percentage of people currently in school or at a university will end up working career paths that currently do not exist. This saying was coined some 10 or 20 years ago and referred – accurately – to the precipitous boom in information technology, but it is still valid today for a vast range of industries. One of the sectors poised to boom in this dramatic manner is the Renewable Energy field.

8 Tips For Creating The Perfect CV

Writing a good CV is very important when you want to apply for a new job. It is the best way to introduce your experience and skills to a prospective employer and the primary method of selling yourself to a company. You may have the qualifications and skills needed for a job, but without an up to scratch CV, you won’t even make it to the interview stage. Creating a great looking CV is easier than it may appear. All it takes is some practice and these useful tips:

8 Step Checklist For Negotiating a Pay Rise

We all think we’re worth more money in the workplace, but the difficulty is convincing the boss to feel the same way. Having ‘the talk’ with your manager is often a nerve-racking experience, but it really shouldn’t have to be. Here we look at eight steps you can take to ensure this conversation is a positive one and, fingers crossed, to help you come out of it with the raise you had in mind.

How To Better Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Whether you’re on the job hunt, preparing for an interview or you’re looking for the perfect new employee, it’s always a good idea to understand the strengths and weaknesses that comprise human nature. This can be achieved by utilising psychological techniques like the five-factor model, which is also known as the big five personality traits. The five-factor model was designed following in-depth study and factor analysis to help psychologists better understand the nuances of the human personality. 

8 Step Checklist For Hiring New Employees

Hiring employees can be stressful and extremely time-consuming; however, it’s necessary and important if you want to grow your business. Your staff can become your most valuable asset so it’s important you make the right choices and decisions. In order to hire the correct person for the job, here are the steps to take!

How to Build an Effective Building Services Team

Building exceptional teams is never easy, and the skill shortage hitting the building and renewable energy services is adding an extra layer of challenge for many managers. 

However, adopting effective leadership strategies can transform a lagging or mediocre team into a motivated, bonded, and high-performing unit.