Why are you losing good candidates?

2015 was a phenomenal year for us at A & D Recruitment, 92% of our candidates were successful after interview and were offered job roles. We managed to source some very talented individuals who, due to their unique skills / experience, had more than one offer on the table.

Unemployment in the U.K. recently hit a 10-year low. According to The Telegraph, the region’s jobless average reached 5.1 percent during the three months to November. During the same period in 2014, the nation was dealing with an unemployment rate of 5.8 percent. Recruiters are now finding that it is becoming a candidate driven job market and today’s job market belongs to the best candidates.

This stands in strong contrast to companies that still believe employers are driving the labour market, and that their pre-recession recruiting and retention methods are still effective.

Many employers are finding that the talent pool is drying up leaving companies with open positions that are costing them money because they continue to remain unfilled.

We would strongly encourage our clients to take note of the following when recruiting for their next role:

Why are you losing good candidates?

Speed up your recruiting process

A candidate’s interest will naturally diminish over time, your normal four to six week interview process finds itself losing out to speedier competitors. Don’t take it for granted that the candidate isn’t still attending other interviews. Adjust the timings on your interview process to meet the current market. If you can’t meet in person then you must be willing to interview remotely by phone or Webcam. Cancelling or rescheduling an interview sends the candidate to another company’s door. Make interviewing candidates a priority. A candidate’s interest is at its peak when they leave the interview. Don’t lose that interest by taking a week to make an offer, move swiftly. Make the offer within 1-2 days after the final interview.

Lead with your best offer

Clients are still looking for the perfect candidate, yet are not offering an enticing salary. We strongly recommend starting with your best offer, let the candidate know that you realise their worth, they will respond positively to and appreciate your decisiveness.

Sell your company!

The candidate has always been in the position to sell you their skills, knowledge, and expertise. Now companies must also sell their ethos, brand, and perks to the candidate! Spend time during the interview process to promote the role and to explain the future of the company and the prospects you can provide for its employees. Many organisations are still focused on filling roles by promising a high salary, but today’s employees want more than just money. Explain how employees are valued, talk about training and career development that you could offer.

Make sure you are doing everything you can to compete for the talent and skills your company needs, don’t lose out to a competitor. Ensure the candidate’s experience is positive from interview to offer. Communication is key, keep in contact with your candidate, don’t let them lose interest!

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