Do You Want To Work In The Renewable Energy Field?

It is said that a huge percentage of people currently in school or at a university will end up working career paths that currently do not exist. This saying was coined some 10 or 20 years ago and referred – accurately – to the precipitous boom in information technology, but it is still valid today for a vast range of industries. One of the sectors poised to boom in this dramatic manner is the Renewable Energy field.

The Future Of Energy

The world is still overly reliant on fossil fuels and their products such as petrol, diesel, natural gas and coal. But these are finite resources and it is certain that they will run out soon – within the lifetime of many now alive. Even ‘big fuel’, the collective term applied to companies who have made their fortunes off these products, are slowly coming around to the realisation that they must change their business model in order to survive in the future when their raw materials either run out completely or become too difficult to mine or process profitably. They are, therefore, beginning to devote serious money to Renewable Energy resources, which has created – almost unwittingly – an entire breakaway industry in its own right. 


Who Can Work In The Renewable Energy industry?

The burgeoning Renewable Energy industry requires personnel in many fields, not just specialists in wind energy, solar power or salt water. Instead, theorists are needed to plan potential sources of Renewable Energy, economic experts to find a way to make processes financially viable, marketing teams to encourage people to switch to these new energy supplies – every single aspect of business comes into play when it comes to getting a renewable source of energy into common usage.

Types of Renewable Energy

There are a wide and unusual variety of sources of Renewable Energy. Solar and wind power are probably the best known, with solar panels and wind turbines being familiar sights to most people. Hydroelectric plants harness the power of running water to drive turbines that generate electricity that can be stored or shared with the community, depending on the purpose of the plant. 

Other, even more, unusual power sources are out there, some of the most exciting being geothermal – using the earth’s own heat to create and store power enough to heat a home and feed the children. Geothermal energy can only be used in certain places, at the moment – near hot springs and close to volcanic activity – as it relies on the disparity between the heat of the ground near the spring and that further away, where the energy might be needed. Research is currently underway to work out how to harness the minerals locked up within seawater, which could potentially serve a dual purpose of desalinating the water to provide clean drinking water for households as well as converting the minerals and salts into a usable electrical current and harnessing that power.

Starting Your Career In The Renewables Industry

Using a specialist recruitment agency allows you to access some truly exceptional candidates in your sector, who are dedicated to working in your industry. Recruiters will know people in the field who may be interested and their contacts can be essential in finding a really great new team member. If you choose to use a recruitment agency that specialises in your field, they will be able to know what factors make a new hire really great, and notice stand out qualities that could make them perfect for your role.

There Is A Place For You Too!

It is easy to see, just from the few notes above, that no matter what skills or qualifications an applicant has, there are jobs available to suit them within the Renewable Energy sector. Even those who feel that they are too set in their ways to change industries – for example, an old-school builder – can benefit from the Renewable Energy industry. New homes are increasingly being constructed with energy saving features built in, or with solar panels, small wind turbines or other renewable-energy-friendly attributes. This fledgling industry is enjoying a boom period, and a canny career-focussed person will quickly settle in and adapt their skills to their new field. And they can hold their heads up high, certain that they are working towards solving the world’s energy problems, not simply adding to them.

If working within the Renewable Energy sector is something that you are interested in – as we all should be, our current sources of energy are unsustainable – but you are not sure how your skills and qualifications can be brought to bear in a useful manner in the field, why not get in touch Get In Touch.  We specialists within the Renewable Energy field and have an excellent track record of matching people to their passions over the last 13 years.


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