Why Using a Specialist Recruitment Agency Is a Good Idea?

There is a well-known saying that has been attributed to many industry moguls, Bill Gates included, and that is; ‘ people grow organisations rather than products or services’. 

I suspect as an ambitious MD of your own organisation you might agree. That being the case hiring star performers might then be better outsourced to an expert in recruiting for the renewable energy sector, rather than going it alone using your valuable time and resource. 

It might surprise you to learn that not only could you find the perfect employee by using a specialist recruiter; it might even save you both time and money. We explain more in this week’s post. 


Specialists Are Called Specialists for A Reason 



Recruitment goes back over a couple of hundred years. Back in the day, the recruitment sector was ‘general’ with your typical high street agency finding employees for companies in every market imaginable. 

Fast forward to today, the World Wide Web and growth in the recruitment industry means that you can locate a specialist in your sector.  

specialist recruiter in your sector is likely to know as much if not more than you do about the market, industry and the talent pool; both available and hidden. 


We Are Skilled at The Latest Recruiting Techniques 

You might have visited our website before or come across A and D recruitment on social media or regularly receive our emails?  

This happens to both our candidates and clients, and it makes us stand out in our sector’s; building services and renewable energy. Candidates who are thinking of moving are in our extensive database, and we are regularly the first phone call they make when considering a career move. Not only are we great at recruiting; we know how to market your vacancy too. 

Recruiting used to be a case of putting a job advert in a newspaper, and you’d get a good amount of applications from suitably qualified candidates. However, now everything has changed.  

Faced with a bewildering variety of job boards to choose from, do you know the ones that will be most efficient to use for your build services vacancy? 

Then there is social media, an important recruitment channel these days. Do you have any idea where renewable energy stars are hanging out and how best to connect with them?  

We do: Our up-to-date knowledge will ensure your recruitment campaign is highly targeted and results in quality applications. 



We Save You Time and Money #Yesitstrue 

With well-paid roles and opportunities at good companies being highly sought after, you could receive hundreds of applications; many of which will be unsuitable.  

To find the right candidates, however, it means sifting through each application which is time-consuming for you or members of your staff. 

By using a specialist recruitment agency instead of being faced with hundreds of applications, we’ll present you with a careful selection of candidates who have all the skills, qualifications and experience that you are looking for; we even do a culture check for you too; which is an important factor when a candidate is making a decision to join your company. 

At A and D, we will even approach key players in the market for you; which leads me to how we are able to access the hidden talent pool you really want. 


Access to Hidden Renewable Energy Talent 

We are in contact with literally hundreds of candidates every month; some are looking for a role now, and others aren’t, let me explain. 

The thing is, as building service and renewable energy experts; we also network with a variety of highly qualified individuals who aren’t actively looking for a new role but would consider a move if the right job was presented to them. 

A recent publication from LinkedIn stated that approaching 90% of employees would be open to a conversation with a specialist recruiter. 

These ‘passive’ candidates, as they are often called, are therefore not ‘visible’ to companies or even to general recruiters; however, they are to us. 

A question? Do you have time to network and connect with candidates daily as we do? No? That is why your investment in a specialist is a good use of your recruiting resource. 



A Rigorous and Tested Process 

As specialist recruiters, we will work with you to choose the right approach, define the job brief, counsel on remuneration and create a strategy to position you as the ‘employer of choice’. We’ll advise and even sit in on interviews and conduct rigorous reference and background checks to ensure you get the right employee for your vacancy.   

Long term this saves you both time and money; ready to talk? 


About A and D Recruitment 

A&D Recruitment is a vibrant, independent employment agency specialising in Renewable Energy & Building Services sectors. 

Founded by recruitment experts Alessia and Darren Williams, A&D Recruitment has successfully placed candidates in a diverse range of roles over the last 12 years.  

To get in contact call 01743 247774 or email on info@aanddrecruitment.co.uk 

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