The benefits of using a recruitment agency

There are many reasons why leading companies use a recruitment agency when a specific job role needs filling, but there are countless benefits you may not have considered. Whether your business is recruiting for a full-time position or on a project basis, it is essential that you find the person with the right experience but also the right attitude and ethos for your business.

So… what are these benefits of using an employment agency? Let’s take a look, with a slant on the Renewable Energy sector that A&D Recruitment specialises in.

Shortlisting CVs

The selection process for interview can be very, very time-consuming and may require specialist experience to “read through the lines” of applications and CVs. What is certain is that this all requires a lot of administration! However, if you were to use a recruitment agency, they can effectively identify the most suitable candidates and carry out the necessary checks. The client is therefore able to get on with their main job (running their business!) and can jump straight to the interview stage.

An added benefit to this is, should any chosen candidates become unavailable for interview for whatever reason, if necessary the agency can quickly shortlist replacement candidates from their database.

Advertising costs

As we all know, successful businesses grow and develop, so new job roles may be arising all the time. These are becoming more and more expensive to advertise, especially via the “traditional” press route, and costly in terms of your time. Recruitment agencies such as A&D take away the pressure to design and place advertisements, which again means you can continue to run your business productively.

Temporary cover

There can be times when staffing issues suddenly arise, albeit temporarily. For example, a member of staff falls ill and is unable to work for several weeks. What are you going to do? Recruitment agencies have a list of people who are able to work at short notice to fill essential job roles. It may be managerial, it may be your receptionist. Either way, one phone call to a recruitment agency and the headache is removed.

If you do have a candidate working on temporary cover, payroll becomes slightly more complex, which causes extra work for your HR or Finance department. But A&D Recruitment would take charge of payroll for temporary staff, once more freeing you or your staff up. Sometimes, when business owners do try to do everything themselves, they may save money initially but in the long-run they are worse off financially because of all the time they have to invest.

Renewable Energy recruitment

A&D Recruitment specialises in Renewable Energy and we have a bank of knowledge covering its various sectors, including geothermal, solar and biomass. (We recruit across the UK but also have a division exclusively for general office recruitment local to our office, i.e. Shropshire.)

We have a vast database, which continues to grow, of experienced candidates who are looking for exciting work challenges within Renewable Energy. By focusing on one area, we find the best possible candidates who share our passion for green energy, hence our success rate at placing candidates tends to be higher than using a general recruitment agency… at no extra cost. What more could you want…?!

For further information on A&D Recruitment, particularly relating to Renewable Energy placements, please call Darren Williams on 01743 247774 or email

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