Job Searching tips for returning to work

Whether you’ve decided to return to work after a one or 10 year absence, it can be a daunting prospect for anyone. However, with a little bit of know-how, you will find getting back into the swing of things less intimidating than you’d thought.

Job Searching tips for returning to work

Refresh your CV

Before you start applying for jobs, make sure your CV is up to date and reflects your time away from the workplace. Make sure you account for any gaps in your CV, as an employer may get suspicious. Think about what life skills you have gained during your time out of work. If you took time off to raise a family, you’ll have gained skills in juggling tasks, being organised and being responsible, for instance.

Redefine your career

During your time out of work, your views, priorities or preferences may have changed, and you may decide that you want a career change. Before you look for a new job, consider if you’ll need to take any training to gain the necessary skills, or to update existing skills. If your time out of work has affected your confidence, you could also consider taking a course to get your confidence levels back again.

Undertaking voluntary work can be a good way to gain new skills and to enter the workplace after a period of rest. It can also help to boost your confidence about returning to work, whilst deciding which areas of work you want to specialise in.

Speak to training providers, professional bodies or recruitment agencies to discuss how you could reach your new career goals.

Start networking

The jobs market may have changed quite a bit since you were last in employment, especially with the rise of online recruitment and digital media. If you’re not familiar with using the internet, now is the time to get more tech savvy. Sign up to social media sites and build up a network of useful contacts to get your job search off the ground. Create a LinkedIn profile, for example, and start networking with contacts on your social media accounts, to see if they could put you in touch with useful people that could lead to a new career.

Keep your eyes open also for any relevant industry events or conferences that could prove a beneficial way to increase your networking options.

Job Searching tips for returning to work

Targeted and focused

Many people who return to the workplace have specific ideas in their mind of what they want, such as relating to the hours that they work or having flexible working conditions. Be clear about what you want from your new career, and use this knowledge to narrow down and target the recruitment agencies or employers who can best fulfil your needs. By targeting your search, you focus on the most relevant opportunities. Don’t be afraid to contact an employer outright, especially if they offer the type of environment or circumstances that you’re seeking. Even if they don’t have a job vacancy immediately, they may contact you if one arises in the future.

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