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It’s tough, but with the right strategies, working from home with children can be surprisingly manageable. We’ve put together five common-sense tips we hope will help.

With businesses urged to put social distancing measures in place, large swathes of the workforce are now attempting to work from home.

To compound the problem, the closure of schools to all but the children of key workers and the vulnerable means that thousands of parents are attempting to juggle childcare and home working at the same time. 

1. Get a routine going

A firm routine is absolutely essential for success. Children, unsettled by the unexpected lack of school day structure, will welcome the introduction of a home routine.

This also enables home workers to understand at which times of day they are likely to be able to work peacefully, and which times are going to be more problematic.


2. Prioritise tasks

Nobody is going to be able to do all the work they normally do at home at the same time as taking care of children, running the home and dealing with the added difficulties which lockdown and other COVID-19 challenges can cause.

It’s therefore vital to prioritise the “must do” tasks each day. Inevitably, issues will crop up that mean some tasks further down the list slide. Provided you can get crucial jobs done, the rest may have to just wait for another day.


3. Make time for the children

Children need time and attention in just the same way as your work does. By dedicating time to spend with the children, it’s often possible (depending on their ages) to broker some sort of “time deal”.

The whole family can do something together for half-an-hour, for example, then everyone does their own thing (which in your case could be work) for 45 minutes or so.

Younger children will require supervising more frequently, whereas older children can often be left to do their own thing for hours at a time.


4. Try to have a dedicated workspace

A specific part of the house which is your workspace doesn’t just ensure that key documents or other important materials are to hand, it can also send out a subconscious message that it’s work time!


5. Use school resources

Most schools are sending out tasks for children to do. These are a great way of ensuring children continue with their learning, at the same time as giving them something to do to keep them occupied. With lots of learning now carried out online, there’s an opportunity to get work done whilst your children are learning.

Although home working with children is a challenge, it’s surprising how much can be done once the family gets into the swing of a different routine.

Hopefully these tips will give you the pointers you need to optimise your chances of success!


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