How To | Stop Losing Good Candidates

Managers often have a vision of what the perfect candidate looks like, but nothing is more frustrating than starting the hiring process, only for them to drop out last minute.

Workplace Ghosting is becoming a real problem for companies who might be confused about why it keeps happening to them.

However, your HR department might be making some huge hiring errors that are turning away the best people for the job.

If this is all too familiar for your company, then here are five ways to stop losing superior candidates during the hiring process:


1. Be transparent

Throughout every stage of the hiring process, the recruiter should be upfront and honest with the candidate in question; from their expected roles in the company, to what’s happening during each stage of the recruitment process, the candidate will respect honesty and integrity.

If a seed of doubt is ever placed in their mind, they’re likely to join a competitor brand that they can rely on. If you say you’ll call within the next 24 hours, keep to your word or the candidate might be reluctant to progress to the next stage of the process.


2. Communication is key

According to a recent survey, The Ultimate List Of Hiring Statistics  94% of candidates want to receive interview feedback, but only 41% of candidates get the feedback they desire. Not only does this reflect badly on your company, but it could also spell disaster for the strength of your workforce.

It’s important to keep your candidates updated about each stage of the hiring process, giving feedback about how they performed during each interview and task.

If you don’t, they might assume that they haven’t got the job and accept another offer. As an extra touch, you could give your candidates a private email address which they can contact if they have any personal questions or queries.


3. An offer that can’t be refused

Picture this: a candidate’s CV is immaculate and they have impressed you during each interview; they’re the perfect person for the job and could really help your company to thrive. If this person is interested in the role, why would you ever let them go?

Give them an offer that can’t be refused such as increased pay, or extra job perks. When it comes to business, profit margins are everything but sometimes it’s better to have this candidate in your workforce than to give them to competitors with a better offer.


4. Use personable language

It can be easy to get lost in the world of online CVs and internet profiles; some companies and recruiters forget that they’re dealing with people instead of robots.

While it’s important to maintain an air of professionalism during the hiring process, it’s also vital to be an approachable company that a candidate can envision themselves working in.

Use language that focuses on the candidate and cut out any jargon that might intimidate them from progressing to the next stage.


5. Make the application process simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to the hiring process. The very best candidates are unlikely to spend hours filling out a confusing job application when they know that many companies are eager to employ them.

Search engines such as LinkedIn are great, allowing candidates to apply to jobs even if they’re on the go; so if your recruitment team aren’t using these job networking sites, why aren’t they?

If you only want the very best employees in your team, then you might need the help of a professional and innovative recruitment agency, Get in touch. A member of A & D Recruitment who will be happy to answer any questions you have.


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