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In any new job, the first few weeks are crucial. One of the most effective ways employers can on-board new staff is an employee induction programme. 

Starting a new job or bringing in a new team member can be an exciting, if nerve-racking, time, as incomer and employer get used to each other.

After all, those early days will be when both sides gain an impression of one another that will affect the success of the working relationship – and even how long it will last. 

Sometimes, inductions can also be useful for existing employees who are not new to the business, but are changing roles within the organisation.

You should also consider inducting someone who is returning from a lengthy absence such as maternity leave or a prolonged period of sickness. 

What is an induction programme? 

Most employers welcome staff to their organisation with some form of induction programme.

Not only does this give the fresh recruit an introduction to their new working environment, but it also gives them a sense of the business as a whole, its organisational culture and working ethic, so that there is better and quicker integration into the team. 

Essentially, it’s about giving the team member the knowledge and tools they need to do well in their role. 

It needs to be thought through and done properly – it’s about far more than just handing the newcomer a health and safety folder to read.

Typically, all employees go through the same induction, and the process can last a few weeks in some cases. An orientation is more role-specific, and more of a one-off event. 

What does an induction cover? 

You’ll want to encompass a number of things in inductions, including, but not necessarily limited to: 

• Gaining a thorough understanding of the product or services the organisation offers
• Compliance training 
• Organisational policies and procedures
• The company’s mission and values
• Studying the business’s organisational chart 
• An introduction to as many relevant colleagues as possible 
• A tour of the business premises 

The benefits of doing induction properly 

Done well, your induction programme will help new staff to become more engaged and effective and start making a contribution more quickly.

The process also engenders a feeling of loyalty and belonging, and an understanding of how everyone can contribute to the company’s goals, as well as what these are. 

Equally, good inductions mean new hires understand the company, its people, each department’s key responsibilities and how everything fits in with the bigger picture.

It’s also worth investing in inductions to reduce the chances of the newcomer making any mistakes at work in the long run, and to give them the best chance of success with you. 

Understanding any health and safety issues relevant to their role is important in reducing the risks of accidents, while ensuring you meet your duty of care obligations as an employer under health and safety legislation.

Statistically, newer workers have the highest levels of employee turnover, so creating a good environment during the early weeks minimises the risk of someone leaving and the expense of going through the recruitment process again. 

From the new recruit’s point of view, they will feel welcomed and at home more quickly. They will be likelier to feel that joining the organisation was the right decision for them, and their confidence will be boosted at a potentially nerve-wracking time. 

Finally, a strong induction progress sets the tone for the rest of the period of employment by establishing good communication channels from the outset. 

So invest in your induction process, think it through properly and review it constantly to be sure it’s doing the job. Don’t be afraid to ask newcomers for honest feedback so you can tweak and improve your programme.

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