How To | Know When to Leave Your Job

It can be surprisingly hard for people to recognise the signs that they’re so unhappy at work they need to leave. Here are 6 signs it’s time to leave your job.

Sometimes, leaving your job really is the only viable option – either because staying will damage your health in some way, or won’t allow your career to progress in the way it needs to. 

Here are some of the tell-tale indications that it’s time to move on. If any of them apply to you, make sure you take appropriate action. 

#1. Weaker work performance 

Are you finding you’re not as productive at work as you once were, despite being perfectly capable of completing the tasks expected of you? Such a clear lack of motivation could well mean you don’t just need a holiday, you need a complete change. 

#2. Your skills are not being maximised

This is another red flag. Not being acknowledged for what you have to offer can take various forms. Maybe you’ve not got that promotion you set your heart on, or your requests for more challenging tasks have fallen on deaf ears.

It may be that you are being given less demanding jobs than you once were. Start your hunt for a new opportunity. 

#3. You’re no longer doing what you love

How much excitement and passion do you feel for your job when you wake up in the morning? Do you feel the same as you did when you first started?

Does it fire you up to think of all the possibilities in the day ahead and how you will contribute? 

It’s going to be extremely hard to reach full potential if you are not doing a job you genuinely love. It will become ‘just a job’ – and every day will start to feel even more of a grind. 

#4. Stress at work is having an impact on your health and well-being 

If being at your job is starting to have a negative effect on your mental and/or physical health, it’s time to reassess the situation.

Clearly most jobs have stress of some kind, but it shouldn’t consume you when you’re not at work. Nor should it start to have an impact on those closest to you.

If you’re beginning to feel like this, always stressed or feeling negative and miserable at work and home, it really is time to get out. 

#5. Problems with the people you work with 

We often spend more time with colleagues than friends or family members. So there are bound to be issues sometimes.

But if there are problems with your colleagues or boss that you feel you will never be able to resolve, a working relationship has become toxic, or you simply start to feel that you don’t fit the company’s culture anymore, don’t hang around. 

#6. Your role isn’t as important as it was

It could be time to go if the structure of your workplace is changing so that your function is being marginalised.

Even if you can hang on to your job in such a situation, it will be hard for you to feel motivated, or to have an impact. Go somewhere your skills will be used and where you feel appreciated. 

Of course, leaving a job, especially one you’ve been in a long time, can seem a daunting prospect. Sometimes, things at work can’t be fixed – so you have no choice.

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