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Meeting new people can be nerve-wracking enough on its own, but meeting strangers who are about to assess your skills and capability at work is even more so. 

While some people are unaffected by nerves, most of us suffer from them to some degree, especially in high-pressure scenarios like job interviews.

Whatever your reason for needing a new job, the whole process can be stressful. Of course, it can be exciting too, but there are certain to be some concerns as you work your way through the job hunting process. The biggest of these is navigating the interview.

This is because, no matter how perfectly qualified and experienced you are, there’s one aspect of an interview that many people struggle with: selling themselves.

It’s up to you to highlight your presence and make such a good impression on them that you are offered the position.

Interview stress can kill a job prospect. While some people are mostly fine in interviews, others find it a real trial, suffering sweaty palms and a blank mind when asked simple questions.

No amount of preparation can see you become completely confident overnight, but the following interview tips will help you to present your best side to the interviewer, giving you a good chance of getting the job.


Be yourself

This is common career advice, but it bears repetition because people tend to invent a new persona for interviews, one that they think will appeal to the interviewer. Instead, pitch yourself honestly.

As far as you can, be yourself – it always comes across better, and will take some of the pressure of being the perfect candidate off your shoulders. Remind yourself: employers do not want perfect, they want real and human. They want you, in other words!

A word to the wise: while confidence is excellent, too much of it is a bad thing, and too little almost worse. Be too self-deprecating and you will talk yourself out of the job; go in with too much fake confidence and you will be dismissed as arrogant. 



Know enough about the company to make a good impression, but not so much that they feel that you are intruding on them.

Merely skimming the company website on the way to the interview is no longer enough, but try to keep the in-depth stuff to positive newsy items only – an industry award, or star hire, for example.

Knowing that you have done your homework can help you to be calm and interested in the interviewer’s questions. 



The dread of interviews is caused by fear of the unknown. Read up on what interviewers are expecting from those awkward questions that we all hate: name your biggest strength or weakness, or tell us of one time when you used your own initiative.

Having a few sensible answers memorised can help with these awkward questions. Even a basic and slightly boring answer is better than that awkward, face-reddening silence as you wrack your brains to think of a time that you did something nice for someone – not because you don’t do nice things, but because you cannot remember any of them when put on the spot like this!

The best way to ace an interview is to be prepared, to be sure that you meet all the qualifications and requirements, and to be yourself – your best self.

Remember that interviewers are people too, and that they need the new hire. You are a positive in this scenario.


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