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Communication isn’t always at the top of a company’s agenda – especially in smaller businesses. But effective internal communication is the invisible glue that could be holding your entire organisation together.

A startling 60% of companies don’t have a strategy for their internal communications. But in our COVID-driven climate of disparate teams and virtual meetings, it’s become a mission-critical necessity for businesses of all types and sizes.

In its most basic form, internal comms enables businesses to communicate to staff what’s expected of them. In its most powerful form, it’s the difference between a workforce that goes through the motions, and one that’s highly engaged.

Research has shown that productivity is 25% higher in organisations where employees feel connected and involved; a statistic few businesses could ignore. Here are 9 things you can do today to communicate better with your team:





The best way to find out what your team think is to ask them. Feedback is a two-way street, and can give you great insights into how employees perceive your organisation.

Consider running a short, anonymous staff survey using tools like Survey Monkey. Ask them how they feel about the company culture, whether they feel informed, their preferred working arrangements – whatever you’d like to know.



Are you using too many confusing systems for your internal comms – or none at all, besides email?

Whether you use a free tool like Slack, have your own intranet, use a Whatsapp group or stick with emails, make sure your internal communications systems are clear, easy to use and working for everyone involved.



Would your team members each be able to summarise your company’s mission, values and ethos, or would everyone say something different? Is it something they can buy into and get passionate about?

The most productive environments are where everyone feels part of a common purpose. That’s only possible when your mission, values and ethos are fully embedded into your culture.



While this is likely to be virtual for the foreseeable future, regularly having an informal ‘team huddle’ where you can check in with everyone as a group can be really useful.

It doesn’t have to be for long. Just a weekly 30-minute ‘tea and biscuits’ slot can help your staff more heard, connected and supported.



A lot of organisations like to think they have an open-door policy, but it’s useful to remind your team of this.

Ensure each employee feels comfortable bringing any issues, concerns or ideas to your attention – whether professional or personal. Effective communication works both ways.



In companies with no internal communications, employees often feel completely in the dark about what’s happening in the business.

In a recent survey, 74% of employees felt they were missing out on company news. A culture of transparency and monthly email updates on anything they need to know is a great way to keep everyone posted.



Even the most diligent internal communications strategies can be quickly undermined if your tone of voice is wrong.

Think about how you’re coming across. Do your requests sound too strict? Too formal? Too informal? Do you get a lot of questions after you send updates, suggesting the information hasn’t been clear?



Regularly acknowledging hard work and extra effort is a game-changer; a little thanks goes a very long way.

Make sure your team know how much you appreciate them, and that they feel valued and appreciated. It’ll help to keep job satisfaction high, too.



Giving thanks is important, but recognition is also about rewards.

Rewarding your team when they go above and beyond is a proven way to motivate staff, enhance productivity and boost positive sentiment, which – in turn – increases customer satisfaction. Platforms like Perkbox give businesses a range of tools to reward their staff.


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