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Whatever stage of life you’re at, moving into a new job role or career requires some careful thought. Here’s how to choose the right role. 

Assess your skills and interests 

Think about what you enjoy doing, and what you’re good at. Perhaps you work in a finance function but excel in project management, or vice versa.

Perhaps people gravitate towards you, and you enjoy mentoring them, but you’re not officially in a management role. The way you perform your existing role will likely give you clues as to how you can develop your career to better suit your personal talents and interests. 

Grow your skills 

If you’re looking to change your career or grow into a more senior role, now is a great time to do some work experience or work shadowing to find out what such a role might entail. This can be arranged formally or informally, perhaps in your existing workplace or elsewhere. 

Completing online or in-person additional qualifications can help to build your CV beyond your existing skill set. Doing so shows commitment and a strong work ethic, traits valued by all employers.

Think about your lifestyle 

It’s easy to be attracted to the purported benefits of a new job without thinking about the costs, perhaps in additional commute time, longer working hours or a more intense working environment.

Thinking about your lifestyle and what you’d like it to be will help you to really work out the pros and cons of any new role.

Similarly, in looking at how your current role affects your home life and hobbies, you’ll find clues to what you’d like to change and improve. 

Work out what you’re worth 

Benchmark your future job against other roles of a similar seniority in similar industries to work out what you can expect by way of remuneration and benefits.

Find out what other companies are offering their employees, by building and using a network, or by applying for a number of roles. Truly evaluate your unique skills and think about what value you bring to the company. 

Don’t jump at the first offer

Be patient, and spend time understanding what you’re looking for and what you can expect to be offered. Once you receive a job offer, don’t be tempted to jump ship immediately, regardless of your existing circumstances. Evaluate your offer objectively and negotiate a package that reflects your value. 

Be realistic 

Don’t expect your new job to change your lifestyle completely, or to solve all of your existing problems.

With hard work and smart choices, a job change can represent a really positive shift in a person’s life, and improve their wellbeing, relationships and financial security.

But it’s unlikely to be a magic bullet, at least not without significant effort. Take time to adjust and work hard to make an impact when you start your new role.

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