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Social media is almost inescapable in today’s world, and is often regarded as your ‘digital face’. Here are the career-damaging social media mistakes to watch out for!

For job seekers, social media can offer great opportunities for networking and even job offers, particularly through LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as for researching companies.

But watch out for these mistakes to watch out for in order to keep your job prospects looking sunny. We’ve rounded up some of the most common below.

Badly written profiles

Most important on LinkedIn, but also something to bear in mind on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too, is how your written communication comes across.

Use of text speak, poor spelling and grammar, and overuse of slang can send a less than impressive message to potential employers or even your current manager.

Social media can seem casual, but as your digital face it’s also a demonstration of your communication skills and overall professionalism.


We’ve all been there with a difficult customer or client, and sometimes odd workplace incidents can provide for a hilarious anecdote. However, when it comes to social media nothing is truly anonymous and nothing is truly private.

Gossiping, complaining about or identifying customers or colleagues can have serious repercussions.

Keeping things private, squeaky clean and positive is the best way to ensure you never end up embarrassing anyone else or the company. 

Complaining about your boss

You would think this is common sense, but many people get caught out letting off steam on social media. Just as you wouldn’t complain loudly about your boss in the middle of the office, it makes sense not to publish it online for the world to see either. 

It’s also important to bear in mind that if you’re sharing or liking general funny images about bosses or upper management, even if you don’t mean or intend it to be about anyone specific, it could still be interpreted in that way. 

Inappropriate and controversial content

You may well have high privacy settings, but the best way to avoid missing out on a job opportunity for inappropriate social media posts is to simply not post them, and delete any that are already there.

It’s important to remember that, when hiring, companies need to keep in mind that their employees are often seen as representatives of the brand.

Anything that could bring the employee into disrepute could also bring the company into disrepute, so why take the risk? 

Posts showing illegal or irresponsible behaviour like heavy substance abuse, offensive content (including edgy jokes or highly controversial political thoughts), tasteless images, or potentially bullying behaviour to others could cause a storm. It should also be noted that the post itself may be harmless, but it’s about how strangers perceive it.

Keep content positive and mild enough for your grandmother to enjoy it. When job hunting, you may even want to think about sharing articles or discussions in your industry to demonstrate passion for your sector!

Posting at 10am on a Thursday

We’re being a little flippant, but the time you retweet that admittedly adorable video of a cat may not go unnoticed by a recruiter or your current manager.

Posting during office hours can be a huge red flag in terms of your productivity and focus. It’s certainly a bad habit to keep an eye on when you’re searching for a new job – even if you are looking for something to fill your time more!

The social media landscape is forever changing. Be mindful of your online presence. Set yourself up for success with every post and comment you make online.

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