How To Attract The Right Employees For A Small Business

Attracting the right kind of employees is vital for the sustainability and growth of any business. Global companies who turn huge profits are naturally in a strong position to attract a high standard of candidate. The ability to offer an attractive salary in an appealing role is what most job hunters are on the lookout for.

If you are recruiting on behalf of a relatively small business, it is difficult to compete with big organisations for the cream of the crop. However, it’s not impossible. Far from it. In many ways, going to work for a small business that is highly ambitious in its outlook is a very appealing prospect. Contrast this with working for a global power, where the true quality of your output might never be fully appreciated in an international workforce that numbers several thousand.

Below, in no particular order, are five ways that small businesses can attract the right employees.

1. Outline exactly how much the business plans to expand in the future:

We all know that job seekers have to sell themselves to their prospective employees, but it works the other way around too. The great thing about small businesses is that the scope for growth is seemingly limitless. This is a great selling point and will go a long way towards attracting the highest quality of candidate. After all, who wouldn’t love to say they played a key role in building a business from a small operation to a global force?

2. Make it worth their while:

This might sound basic, but it’s not when you give it some thought. A number of organisations lose out on skilled employees because they haven’t made their pay packages appealing enough. It pays to know what your competitors are offering similar roles in their company. If you can match it, then you will stand a much better chance of attracting the right candidates. Even if you can’t match what your competitors are offering, come as close as you can. This, added to your other selling points, should put your business in a position of strength.

3. Create a work environment that makes you stand out from the crowd:

If you are advertising for a role that can be carried out from home or the office with equal effectiveness, why not let your employees work from home one or two days a week? This would represent a huge bonus for most people. For many, such a perk would outweigh the attraction of a bigger salary with a rival company. Additionally, if your business is in a position to offer flexible hours, make this clear in the job advertisement.

4. Inject a sense of fun into your business:

Your business doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Of course, work is the name of the game, but in order to attract the right candidates, it certainly helps to suggest that your organisation has a lighthearted side. Semi-regular team-bonding days and dress-down Fridays are just two ways to put across the impression that employee morale is important.


5. Offer prospective employees the opportunity to grow as the business grows:


Make it clear that their contribution to your company’s success won’t go unnoticed. That, straight away, is an advantage over so many multi-nationals. Make it clear that there is no limit to how far they can strive to go in the business. That could equate to a team manager role or even going on to become the managing director one day. Either way, career progression – and the benefits that come with it – is a major selling point.

If you’re struggling to attract the right talent to your company, these job recruiting tips should help you get back on track

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