5 Ways To Keep Your Employees Motivated Over The Festive Period

Christmas is coming, and an air of excitement is setting in as a result. If you are stuck at work however, it can take the shine off the festive buzz a little – or it can distract you from your work instead.

Motivation and productivity can dip significantly over the holiday season, but a savvy manager will make sure they keep workers happy and hardworking all year round. Here are some ways you can keep your employees motivated throughout December.

  1. Encourage time off

    Many jobs have a statutory Christmas holiday period and will be shut down during the main festivities, but there are plenty of industries that need to keep working all year round. If working at Christmas is unavoidable, help your staff get a break close to the time instead, and share out time off equally wherever possible. A little bit of time off and a chance to visit family can recharge batteries and give your staff more energy for the job at hand. If your company can spare it, the gift of an additional holiday day can be a massive morale boost for your top performers, and encourage everyone to work harder for the prize next year as well!

  2. Balance fun and games with hard work

    Having too much fun during the Christmas season is just as bad for productivity as having none at all! It is a great idea to keep spirits high with games, treats and other festive activities, but make sure this doesn’t encourage slacking from the team. Instead, give festive treats for meeting goals and hitting targets, and link games to work activities and performance.

  3. Let your hair down

    A staff party is great for team bonding, and it gives you a chance to see a new side of your staff as well. Throwing a Christmas party needn’t be expensive – taking the team for a pub lunch or providing everyone with sandwiches and cake in the office is just as effective and allows everyone to relax a little. Decorating the office and bringing in the occasional treat will also show staff they are appreciated – which is always a good way to encourage harder work.

  4. Plan ahead and keep workloads down

    Christmas is a very busy time for most companies, and it is likely pressure will increase just as your staff start to mentally switch off for the holidays. Combat this by fixing schedules and workloads in advance, and concentrate on completing tasks early so that staff can chill a little when Christmas Eve rolls around. You might even want to offer an early finish – subject to completion of all work, of course!

  5. Presents and prizes

    Secret Santa is an easy and cheap way to give everyone in the office a little gift, and to encourage interaction between your teams. Opening the gifts together can be a fun activity for a break time or meeting. Remember to set upper and lower limits on spending to keep things fair for everyone.