5 Ways To Help Staff Overcome The Post-Holiday Blues

Let’s face it. There’s nothing like returning from holiday to bring you back down to Earth with an almighty thud. Going back to work after a week or two chilling with family and friends can be particularly challenging, and mustering up the motivation to switch back into work mode can be difficult.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can gently ease staff back into their job roles following a holiday, helping to combat those pesky post-holiday blues.

  1. Something to look forward to

    Once the holidays are over and staff are back at their desks, reduce the feelings of a post-holiday come down by giving them something to look forward to. Whether this is a staff day out, a meal, a party or just a few drinks together after work, having something fun to focus on can be a great way to prolong that holiday feeling, and keep motivation levels topped up. It doesn’t have to be something too expensive, especially if your business is watching its budget – as long as the emphasis is on relaxation or fun, it will be enough to quell the slump that follows time away.

  2. A new distraction

    If employees are given a new task to get their teeth into following a holiday, they’re less likely to find the time to sit and ponder over their recent trip away. Distraction is the best way to get employees focusing on the task in hand and back into work mode. If you have any new projects coming up, see if you can schedule these following the holiday period. Even if this isn’t possible, now is a good time to give staff attainable goals and targets that they can concentrate on during this come down period.

  3. Check stress levels

    If staff are happy and content in their working environment, they’re less likely to suffer from a holiday slump when they return to work. Therefore, try to maintain as stress-free a work environment as possible, at all times, and particularly during the busy holiday period. When staff are away on holiday, avoid piling their work onto other employees, and, instead, hire temporary workers to cover their tasks, if necessary. Look at ways to create a more harmonious work-life balance that may help to reduce stress levels. Flexible working hours, working from home and ensuring that employees take regular breaks can all create a happy and relaxed working environment, helping to prolong the feel-good factor that’s induced from going on holiday.

  4. Get some fresh air

    Being outside can boost positive feelings, so encourage staff to spend time outdoors in the fresh air during the working day to combat the blues following a holiday. Introduce a policy of not allowing staff to sit at their desk eating lunch, as they’re more likely to work through and not get a proper break if this happens.

  5. Review time

    Staff often find it harder to adjust back into work mode following a holiday if there are certain elements of their job that they dislike or find frustrating. Often these things may be simple to sort out, but have been left to fester for a long time. When staff have returned from their holiday, now could be a good time to perform a review of the organisation and staff roles. Listening to staff and obtaining feedback about the workplace is invaluable for learning and growing, but it can help to reduce negative feelings and create a more harmonious working environment. This could also be an appropriate time to consider potential training or development opportunities, which will give employees something positive to focus on.

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