5 Reasons why you shouldn’t accept a counter offer!

I know what you’re thinking… as a Recruitment Consultant you will probably perceive me as being a little biased with regards to this topic as my business is all about finding new job roles for employed as well as unemployed candidates.

However, I also make it my business to ensure my candidates have all the facts and figures, pros and cons, when making the life altering decision to change the company they work for.

You’ve made the decision to look for a new job, you’ve gone through the interview process and been offered an exciting new role that will offer career growth and better prospects. You’ve weighed up all the Pros and Cons and decided to accept the job offer within a new company. The dreaded day arrives, you go to tender your resignation and your employer asks you to stay (or sometimes begs you stay)!

5 Reasons why you shouldn’t accept a counter offer!

Emotional appeals are made and they offer you a new and better package. Take a look at and consider carefully the following points before you are enticed to stay:

  1. The majority of people who accept counteroffers are looking for a new role again within six months to a year. This is backed up by statistics published by legal recruiters GR Law who found that 80% of people who accepted a counter offer were not with that employer six months down the line, and 93% were not there in eighteen months’ time.

  2. Employers often make counteroffers in a moment of panic. But after the initial shock passes, you may find your relationship with your employer has fundamentally changed. They may not perceive you as a Team player anymore, the trust might go and you maybe viewed with suspicion which might affect your future prospects with the company.

  3. Your issues may not be addressed and the underlying reason for wanting to leave still remain. More money will not resolve these problems long term so don’t get swayed to stay for a large pay rise if the other issues are not addressed as part of the counter offer.

  4. You may burn your bridges with the company who has offered you a new position, it is unlikely you will be considered for another role within the company based on your indecisiveness.

  5. Where is the money for the counter offer coming from? Are you just getting your next bonus, promotion or pay increase now? The majority of companies have strict pay scales so you will end up having to find another job to increase your pay when your next pay increase was due.

Please consider carefully all the above facts before making a decision, evaluate your original reasons why you accepted the new job offer and why you started looking for a new role and what your career goals are!

It’s your life and your career, make the decision based on what will make you happy in the long term not just in the here and now. Please call us on 01743 247774 if you need any guidance!

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