5 (Easy) Ways To Impress Your Boss During Your Probationary Period

If you’ve landed your dream job but are worried about successfully navigating your way through the probationary period that follows, here are some tips to help you steer a steady course and arrive safe and sound on the other side, having impressed your new employer en route!

  1. Look and sound the part

    While you may want to get noticed in the workplace, make sure it’s for all the right reasons, such as your productivity and attention to detail, rather than your eccentric apparel or strong opinions. That doesn’t mean you have to keep your head down, wear only beige and remain anonymous, but try and strike a balance between blending in while not being afraid of showing what you’re capable of. Observe how your new colleagues conduct themselves and learn the workplace dynamics and how things get done. Show that you’re keen to learn and be part of the team.

  2. Look, listen and learn

    Look, Listen, Learn

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions and listen carefully to what you’re told. No one’s expecting you to get everything right from the get-go, but try and avoid having to be told the same thing repeatedly. Make plenty of notes about everything and go over these at home in the evenings to inculcate information that’s important to your specific area of responsibility. If you’re still not sure about something, don’t try and wing it, but ask for help instead; there’s no shame in that and at the same time, you’ll show your willingness to learn and get things right. Double-check facts and presentation of any documents before you sign off on work.

  3. Steer clear of office politics

    No matter how well you feel you’re fitting in and assimilating everything, avoid playing office politics, getting involved in gossip round the office water cooler or voicing strong opinions, whether these are work-related or about other issues. Remember, during your probationary period you’re being assessed in all sorts of way, so build bridges and your own security by being diplomatic, remaining cheerful, friendly and polite, while making it clear that your main focus is on doing a great job.

  4. Ask for feedback

    Ask for feedback

    Depending on the length of your probation, you may get regular feedback on your progress. This is an opportunity to see what you’re doing right and also areas you need to work on, so show that you’re fully engaged with the process. If you feel you’re not getting enough feedback, don’t be shy in letting your boss or line manager know that you welcome constructive criticism of your performance so you can improve your skills and efficiency.

  5. Take care of yourself

    Remember that you’re on a steep learning curve during your probationary period. Not only are you trying to absorb and process a heap of new information and practices, you’re trying to show what you’re made of and convince your employer they made the right choice by offering you the job. To be at your best, you need to look after yourself, so cut back on the late nights and socialising, including at weekends. Eat well, do some exercise, and get plenty of rest so you arrive at work (on time) each day feeling fresh and alert.

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