4 Transferable Skills That Your Temp Job Can Teach You

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to take on a temporary role, even if it’s not related to your chosen career path. Temping is a great chance to strengthen your soft skills and it’s always good to get experience, no matter where it is!

Having a strong set of transferable skills will stand you in good stead when it comes to finding full time employment. As such, we’ve outlined the top four skills that temp work can teach you.

1. Teamwork

Teamwork is an important part of any job. It’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself in a role where you work completely alone (unless perhaps you’ve chosen to work in a lighthouse). In a temp job it’s likely that you’ll find yourself working with a range of people and teamwork is extremely important.

What’s more, temporary work can teach you how to work with others in a professional setting. You’ll likely be joining a team who already know one another and so you’ll want to adapt to fit in as quickly as you can.

Not to mention the fact that you don’t often get to choose your team – meaning you’ll be working with different people of different seniorities. Doing so teaches you to be professional and to deal with personalities that you wouldn’t usually associate yourself with.

2. Time management

Time management is vital in the working world. If you’re always turning up late you’re going to find yourself in hot water with your boss! Temp jobs can be a great way to practise your time keeping and getting into a routine.

But it’s not just about arriving at work or showing up to meetings on time. It’s also about managing your time effectively and always keeping on top of your workload. When it comes to getting a full-time job, you’ll be expected to manage your own tasks and stick to deadlines.

Temp work can teach you to organise yourself, be efficient with your time, but also to reach out for help should your workload become overwhelming.

3. Communication

Communication is one of the key skills employers are looking for in a candidate. There are a huge number of benefits to having strong communication skills. Not least of all because it creates a friendlier and more productive work environment.

Your temp job gives you a chance to work on these skills, ensuring that you’re able to communicate clearly with your colleagues, but also that you’re confident when talking to clients or customers. Being able to listen and take instructions on board is also an important part of communicating.

But more than simply speaking and listening, it’s about being able to build rapport in the workplace and being friendly and polite to both co-workers and customers. It’s about being able to understand what is expected of you, ask questions and share ideas.

It’s also vital that you’re able to communicate with your colleagues on projects, progress and any problems that may have occurred. This will help to create a more streamlined workflow.

4. Organisation

Similarly to communication, organisation skills are very sought after for a number of reasons. In your temp role it’s likely that you’ll have a handful of responsibilities and you need to be able to organise yourself to ensure you get these done in a timely manner.

Organisation is also about planning. Understanding how long you have to complete your tasks, and preparing yourself to get these done to the best of your abilities. It’s also about the physical side of things to.

If you’re unorganised you could risk losing important documents or information. You could end up missing calls or taking too long to reply to emails. All of these are going to have a knock on effect to the rest of your work. So it’s best to keep yourself on top of things both in regards to your workload and to your workspace.

Taking on a temporary role can give you a good chance to practise doing this. It will give you a better understanding of how to organise yourself, whether that’s writing to do lists, tidying your workspace or setting yourself deadlines.

In summary

Temp jobs can act as great experience and are the perfect way to strengthen your soft skills – even if the job in question isn’t related to your overall career goals. Consider these four transferable skills in your temp role and be sure to outline how you have demonstrated these on your CV. When the time comes, this will stand you in good stead for finding your dream job.

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