The Top Benefits Your Candidates Really Want

Job candidates are a lot more savvy than they used to be. This is largely due to many companies having an online profile with loads of information about what they do and what they’re like to work for.

It’s never been easier for candidates to find out about a potential employer and the type of benefits they provide, so how do you make sure you’re doing all you can to attract the top candidates?

It’s not just about salary

It can be easy to assume that of all the benefits a company is offering, the salary is the one that really counts and while rates of pay are clearly important, the truth is it’s not the be-all and end-all for a lot of candidates. A modern package is likely to be much more appealing if it also includes:

  • A clearly defined bonus
  • Profit-share, or reward scheme
  • An attractive pension scheme
  • Another big plus for a lot of candidates, while for others healthcare provision, childcare vouchers, and gym membership will be considered key benefits

As an employer, are you being competitive in terms of the amount of annual leave you offer? Holiday entitlement is seen as an important benefit, especially to employees who are prepared to work hard and put in the extra hours in return for adequate time off to re-charge their batteries.

Top Benefits Your Candidates Really Want

What’s your track record?

Ambitious candidates want to know they’re joining a company that has a good track record and one that they feel is going places. Even if it’s a relatively new company, it’s important that you communicate a clear vision of where the business is going, so that prospective employees feel they can realise their own career goals by joining the team.

Prospects and development

Candidates want assurance that there is scope to advance within the business as they acquire new skills and experience. Training, keeping up to date with new business practices and technology, and being rewarded for their efforts all matter to candidates, as does the opportunity to help shape the future of the service. Is there scope to be challenged and the potential for growth? An employer who can provide candidates with all of the above has some great benefits to add to the overall package.

Top Benefits Your Candidates Really Want

Workplace and location

An office or business location that has good transport links is potentially an attractive benefit to employees, as are on-site parking, car-share initiatives, and cycle to work schemes. Not all employers can offer the perfect location, but you can ensure that you create a great workplace that has a positive atmosphere with modern facilities and equipment, and somewhere for staff to relax. Talking of equipment, do you provide staff with the best tools for the job and facilitate remote working by providing laptops and smartphones? These are benefits that many candidates will expect to be offered.

Top Benefits Your Candidates Really Want


Flexible working hours that provides for a better work-life balance is seen as a real incentive by many candidates and helps to foster a feeling that employees are trusted and valued, so make sure you include this as one of the many benefits you offer as an employer!